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> Audio Recording



We are the one of best audio recorders in Sri Lanka which has more than 20 years in industrial experience. Now we are using the latest devices and technologies for our recording process. Currently, our multimedia store has more than 1000 musical shows of all musical bands in Sri Lanka.

Also, the very old cassette and CDs are available on our store and for the requests of customers; we do the conversion of the cassette to CDs.

Our Main Audio Recording Services

 Audio cassettes Recording with professional Audio Systems (stereo dolby b/c nr system)
 Audio Cassettes Converted to cd or dvd (high quality digital audio formats)
 Audio Editing & Mixing   (all audio formats wav , mp3 , wma . . . etc) 
 Voice recordings & music tracks productions.

> Video Recording

On our video recording service, we are providing high quality video products for the customers with an attractive manner by using the latest and powerful Video cameras and technologies. Also, we have the capability of handling any kind of customer requests for any occasion from personal level to industrial level. Uses of our multiple cameras, mixing devices and all other equipments will give a professional end product to the customer hand.


Our Main Video Recording Services

 Analog VHS, SVHS, VHSC, HI8 tapes converted to VCD, DVD, Blue Ray DVD (high quality ADVC tecnology)  HD , SD , DV  Video editing & post productions          with professional non linear video editing systems.
 All type video productions (weddings , parties , visuals  etc . . . )
 Specilists in live video recordings with multi cameras & vision mixer using (live musical shows , dramas , concerts ,  confarance  etc . . .)
 Multimedia Projectors & Screens hiring. 

> Live Audio / Video Streaming

Our Services are not limited to Sri Lanka and those are expanding through the Internet to the entire World. The high performance Servers, Computers, Video/Audio Capturing devices and the uses of latest professional multimedia softwares make the final Video/Audio product more captivating. By this Streaming service, the users who are in any country in the world will be able to watch/listen high quality Videos/Audios because of our powerful online Streaming Servers and the latest technologies that we are using.